The Sitting Room

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1.  No one under the age of 25 allowed

2.  No photography/videography/recording/telephones allowed

3.  Bring your own drinks, wipes, condoms, cigarettes and alcohol (no illegal or hard drugs allowed)

4.  Number of couples allowed at events is limited to reduce jealousy, being blamed in divorce proceedings, and other problems.

5.  Single men/women are welcome at parties or get-togethers without a partner.

6.  All men and women must take a shower/bath before attending any event.

7.  All men and women must have trimmed/groomed/shaved/waxed pubic area/genitals.

8.  Adults must be respectful and courteous to each other at all times.

9.  Only once can someone ask you to engage in any particular activity with together. If you've said "No," it is up to you to approach that person to let them know you are now interested in saying "Yes" if they are still interested in engaging in said activity with you. 


10.  Let it be known what your sexual preference is. Readily alert accosting members as to whether you are bisexual, gay, lesbian, or heterosexual so no one will be "misled" or feel "deceived" by intimately interacting with you.

11.  Always use protection to prevent against the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases.

12.  Always alert members if you are infected with an incurable disease such as Hepatitis, Herpes, HIV/AIDS and others in case protection fails.

13.  When watching a "sharing session," always ask to join in before doing so.